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Organization: RAKSA KOMA and H.O.P.E Cambodia


Primary region: WPR

Country: Cambodia

Event Description:

The event will be on 03rd March 2024 under the theme: Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all! it is located in WB Arena, there will be 350 participants to attend the event. The event aims at Hearing Health Care Awareness and Ear Screening-Treatment event and fit hearing aids for people with hearing losses. The participants are high government officials as honor delegates, kids and adults with hearing losses, ….Also, there will be some media outlets to attend in order to host the event. We will set up a stall for Free Ear Screening and Treatment for all participants and general public. Therefore we will provide free hearing aids for people with hearing losses. General public can test their hearing by HearWHO app and we will follow up our host on media outlets.