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Organization: All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, India

Project title: Shaping Tomorrow: AIISH Initiatives for World Hearing Day 2024

Primary region: SEAR

Country: India

Event Description:

AIISH aims to spread awareness and action for ear and hearing care, proposes a multifaceted approach for the WHD 2024. This include orientations, webinars and training programs on a large scale; nationwide screening camps, NSS Survey camps, and specialized outreach for tribal communities, new-born screening camps in collaboration with RBSK/NPPCD, and hearing aid distribution with stakeholders; Messages from renowned personalities, including the Health Minister, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals; Collaborating with Google through interactive doodles for wider reach; Print and digital media campaigns include radio jingles, talks, newspaper articles, TV spots, and theatre ads; social media competitions; and partnerships with schools, industries, and stakeholders for rallies and marathons to ensure maximum outreach; and probably ‘Fund raising activity’ in collaboration with the interested parties. Through these initiatives, AIISH with support from the Ministry, aspire to transform public mind-sets regarding hearing and improve awareness of ear and hearing care practices.

Submitter: AIISH