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Organization: We Love Sports NPO

Project title: Sports for Health, Hearing for Health ….World Hearing Day 2024 Awareness Campaign

Primary region: AFR

Country: South Africa

Event Description:

Our primary objective for World Hearing Day 2024 is to use our already existing mass participation sports programs as a platform to educate, inspire, & empower individuals to prioritize their hearing health. By fostering a sense of unity & inclusivity through sports, we aim to break down barriers and encourage conversations about hearing impairment & the importance of early detection and intervention in the community of Pretoria North

Our idea is simple yet impactful:

Weekly Sports Schedule: Our training program attire will highlight the awareness campaign, basic ear Infor graph, how to maintain hearing health & basic communication with people undergoing hearing loss.

Actionable Visibility Campaign: Launch a direct campaign, sharing stories and resources to encourage dialogue & actionable steps that can be taken to the Pretoria North Clinic.

Partnerships: Collaborate with Pretoria North Clinic, Local Radio & Newspaper Rachel de Beer Primary & Assumption Catholic Primary School

Submitter: Ben Maboa