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Organization: Zimbabwe Youth For Impaired Persons Trust

Project title: Changing the mindsets on Policies and Inclusion of people with hearing impairments

Primary region: AFR

Country: Zimbabwe

Event Description:

Raising awareness and lobbying for the equal inclusion of Persons with Hearing Impairments and Policy Formulation

Country: Zimbabwe

Region/State ::Manicaland,Mutare, Nzeve adeaf Center

The primary objective of this event will be raising awareness regarding to hearing loss and promoting ear and hearing care, and to lobby for equal Inclusion of persons with hearing impairment in community and in policy formulation structures.By fostering understanding, empathy, and inclusivity, we aim to create a more inclusive society for individuals with hearing impairments. We target to engage stakeholder and youths (both with impairements and without) .Policy adjustments and Social inclusion in favour of persons with hearing impairments are going to be the outcome of event

1.Having an educational campaign about sign language and other forms of communication.
2)Advocate for laws and policies that protect the rights of people with hearing

Submitter: Tapiwa Dzepasi