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Organization: eHealth360

Project title: SAUTI: Sharing Awareness, Uniting Through Technology & Inclusion in Kano, Nigeria

Primary region: AFR

Country: Nigeria

Event Description:

Nigeria ranks 168th in global access and experiencing concerning figures on hearing impairment.
In 2022, Nigeria had over 222.5 million phone subscribers (NBS).

eHealth360 is a social enterprise that leverages technology and community approach through Patent Medicine Stores (PMS) to improve healthcare access to underserved and rural communities (SDGs 3, 8 and 10).

PMSs act as primary healthcare providers for 60-90% of Nigerians because they are cheaper and closer to communities than clinics.

The SAUTI project leverages this to promote early identification and awareness of hearing issues in 5 underserved areas of Kano.

Key Actions:
1.Training: Train 50 PMS vendors on Primary Ear and Hear Care and screening using the hearWHO app.

2. Community Screening: Use PMS as hubs to screen 10,000 community members using the hearWHO app

3. Early Intervention: Connect identified individuals with healthcare providers

Impact: Improve hearing health access, empower communities, and generate data for future initiatives.

Submitter: Najib Usman