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Organization: IWOO (Iranian Women Organization of Ontario)

Project title: Webinar: Cultivating Hearing Health as an Integral Part of Life

Primary region: AMR

Country: Canada

Event Description:

The IWOO World Hearing Day event, “Cultivating Hearing Health as an Integral Part of Life,” will be conducted as a Zoom webinar with widespread participation. This virtual gathering aims to engage a diverse audience, particularly focusing on senior women within IWOO’s membership and Iranian community. The event will feature informative materials and posters distributed both digitally and in print, emphasizing the importance of integrating ear and hearing care into daily life. Through this innovative approach, IWOO seeks to empower and educate its community members on hearing health, fostering a sense of solidarity and encouraging active participation in the journey toward holistic well-being. The event will be held in Persian language so that all our community can have full access to it and delve it better.

Submitter: Movallali Guita