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Organization: Centre d’Aide aux Personnes ayant des Problèmes Auditifs (CAPPA & SANFIL)

Project title: “Changing Mindsets: Let’s Make Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for All.”

Primary region: AMR

Country: Haiti

Event Description:

The event, “Changing Mindsets: Let’s Make Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for All,” comprises a 30-minute presentation broadcasted on radio and social media. Organized by the “Centre d’Aide aux Personnes ayant des Problèmes Auditifs” (CAPPA-Sourds-Haiti) and the “Association Nationale des Formateurs et Interprètes en Langue des Signes” (SANFIL) for World Hearing Day on Sunday, March 3, 2024, it aims to inform and engage one million church members. The presentation emphasizes the Global Standard for Safe Listening Entertainment Venues, urging its adoption. Collaborating with various religious organizations, including Christians in Haiti, amplifies reach, sparking a nationwide conversation on reshaping perceptions of ear and hearing care. Measurable outcomes involve tracking participation, social media engagement, and promoting the adoption of recommended standards, contributing to heightened awareness and informed actions. #PwotejeZòrèyNou #PranSwenZòrèyNou

Submitter: Joel Thomas