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Organization: Health Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Project title: Sambutan Hari Pendengaran Sedunia 2024

Primary region: WPR

Country: Malaysia

Event Description:

After three years of primarily observing World Hearing Day online, the Health Campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia is preparing to host a dynamic two-day event to mark WHD 2024. The Audiology & Speech Pathology Unit (Hospital USM), the Audiology Programme, the Otorhinolaryngology-HNS Department, and the Speech Pathology Programme are collaborating to organize this significant occasion, aimed at increasing awareness and advocating for hearing health.

Over the course of these engaging days, participants can anticipate thought-provoking talk led by respected ORL Specialists from Hospital USM and audiologists from the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Furthermore, the event will include a substantial donation of hearing aids, targeting the improvement of our patients’ overall well-being. Additionally, on the second day, all attendees interested in assessing their hearing status will have access to comprehensive examinations, ensuring essential auditory healthcare services are available to everyone.