The map excludes those projects in which the primary site was listed as regional or had no specific region identified (such as a global website or global membership programs).  Note regional and global projects are fully reported on other pages (for example this link).


Organization: AIIMS DEOGHAR

Project title: Awareness Program on Hearing care

Primary region: SEAR

Country: India

Event Description:

a) CME on World Hearing Day 2024 at AIIMS Deoghar.

b) To make Poster and Banner for World Hearing Day 2024

c) Competitions for students/faculty/staff
I ) Slogan writing II) Poster Presentation
d) Poster wall painting for exhibition on awareness of hearing loss and noise pollution on World Hearing Day 2024.

e) To display Hearing Noise Level Limit in: IPD/OPD/OT, Lecture room, library

f) Intra College Quiz competition on hearing care.

g) Hear MI Sound – Extend Sound Program to Children upto 05 Years age.

h) Noise Meter Noise Level Assessment in different areas of campus

i) Nursing & MBBS- Google form filling regarding knowledge about hearing care.

Submitter: Sumeet Amgral