The map excludes those projects in which the primary site was listed as regional or had no specific region identified (such as a global website or global membership programs).  Note regional and global projects are fully reported on other pages (for example this link).


Organization: WHO-Afro

Project title: Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!

Primary region: AFR

Country: Congo

Event Description:

1. An internal hearing screening campaign with:
• Free hearing screening
• Provision of educational information and learning sessions for children ages 6-18. This will include a hearing screening session.
2. A webinar on ear and hearing care with the theme: This purpose of this webinar will be:
• Share information on the Global and Regional status of EHC
• WHO activities to address EHC
• Consequences of unaddressed EHC on a society and individual level
3. A campaign on ear and hearing care to be held at “Clé Phenix” School with the following package of activities:
4. A free ear and hearing screening camp benefitting the community with the following activities:
• Free ear examination and hearing screening by health care workers
• Provision of awareness materials
• Information on ear and hearing care, demystifying common myths held in the community

Submitter: Afro WHO