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Organization: Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Project title: World Hearing Day Family Day at the Melbourne Children’s Campus

Primary region: WPR

Country: Australia

Event Description:

The event will raise community awareness about how we can make ear/hearing care a reality for all Australian children and families. Our event recognises the work already done to achieve this and highlights plans to extend the work nationally. We will
1)Present a video and talk showcasing a profoundly deaf 10-year-old boy as an exemplar of how deaf and hard of hearing children can achieve their best potentials
2)Showcase posters of ear/hearing care and research in Victoria, Australia such as outputs from the Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program (VIHSP), and the Victorian Childhood Hearing Longitudinal Databank (VicCHILD) which aims to find the best ways to support these children/families. The Australian National Child Hearing Health Outcomes Registry (ANCHOR), a national program to monitor ear/hearing health of children across Australia will be introduced.
3)Provide food and entertainment (magician, craft) while connecting families with researchers, policy makers, service providers and other families

Submitter: MCRI Hearing Research