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Organization: Beijing Institute of Otolaryngology, Beijing Tongren Hospital, CMU

Project title: World Hearing Day 2024-Changing Mindsets

Primary region: WPR

Country: China

Event Description:

Advocacy will be delivered to the public in Beijing, with the topics of age-related hearing loss and noise-induced hearing loss, via both booklets and online electronic versions. Short film production, with the title of Concern for ear and hearing care, Help to build a healthy China. The WHO CC will invite policy-makers, the leaders of the National Health Commission (NHC) and the National Technical Group for Prevention and Treatment of Hearing Loss (NTG-PTHL) to participate in the recording. The video will introduce the outline of the national policy on PTHL, and emphasize the importance of primary ear and hearing care by presenting “Ear and Hearing Care Across the Lifetime”, hence raising awareness in the community and especially among health officials.

Submitter: Xinxing Fu Fu