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Organization: ORL SALFA

Project title: SALFA ORL AC

Primary region: AFR

Country: Madagascar

Event Description:

Date: Wednesday, March 06, 2024
Location: School for the Deaf, AKAMA 67 Ha
Partners :
– SALFA, Betesda Project
– CBM, Betesda Project
– APEDA (Association of Parents of Deaf Students)
– Miara-Mianatra FLM program (inclusion system)
– Association for the Deaf (FMM)
– Partner exhibition stand (ORL AC, Projet Betesda, CBM, Akama, Miaramianatra, Pharmatek group, FMM). Open house for the public.
– Awareness-raising and counseling for parents and those concerned about the reality of ear and hearing care. (Banner, WHO poster, leaflet…)
– Medical care and ear checks for AKAMA 67 ha students.
– Snack stand paid for by the Akama teachers’ collective.
– Press briefing on awareness of the global theme, and the reality here localy.
– Mobilization on social networks. (Fb, Whatssap, Linked In, ….)

Submitter: RANDRIANARISOA Theodore