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Organization: Reconnect Audiology Network

Project title: Changing Mindsets: Making Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for All

Primary region: AFR

Country: South Africa

Event Description:

In line with this year’s theme, we have an exciting initiative where we invited our members to take a photo or short video of themselves wearing a pair of hearing devices from one of our RAN suppliers (Unitron, Oticon or Resound). This will show that our members (audiologists and acousticians in private practice) can step into their patients’ shoes, growing their mindsets, of what it means to wear hearing aids. This experience will allow us all to empathize with the challenges and experiences of those we serve AND help us break down the stigma associated with hearing loss and amplification.

The captured experiences will then be shared on our social media platforms to showcase how our members truly understand their patient’s experience, and how this empathy helps to guide the informed decisions that optimise hearing health.

Submitter: Petersen Chevone