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Organization: Union of the European Phoniatrics (UEP)

Project title: International webinar shared by the UEP and by the IALP on “Changing Mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all”

Primary region: EUR

Country: Germany

Event Description:

On World Hearing Day, we invite everyone interested in ear and hearing health to join our four-hour international virtual event on YouTube. Rethinking is always a challenge. That’s why we want to give students from Australia, New Zealand and India, as well as professionals from countries on different continents where hearing and audiology care is not yet as established as in high-income countries, the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their different points of view at our event. We would also like the members of the Hearing & Language Committee of the Union of Euopean Phoniatricians (UEP) and the Audiology Committee of the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP) to speak and show how they envision “change mindsets” in the colorful diversity of our communities.

Submitter: Katrin Neumann