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Organization: The House Institute Foundation

Project title: Outreach Event: Healthy Hearing Across the Lifespan – Strategies and Solutions for Everyday Life

Primary region: AMR

Country: United States of America

Event Description:

In honor of WHD, we are offering a special presentation at a retirement community focused on hearing health, the global burden of hearing loss, and solutions to hearing loss for improved communication. Our messaging seeks to shift any misperceptions in favor of people embracing the technology they need.
We are also offering a “Clean and Check” station for hearing aid users, ensuring optimal device performance.
In addition, we are providing a separate, hands-on demonstration and resources tailored for Watermark staff and nurses. This session will focus on supporting clients with hearing loss, communication tips, and insights into using and maintaining hearing aids and related technology so they can better assist the older population they care for.

Submitter: Erin O’Donnell