Organization: Centro Audiologico Auris

Project title: Launch of the primary ear and hearing care training manual / Conference with international speaker for university students

Regions: Honduras

Outline of the event:

Centro Audiologico Auris in the company of the ENT Honduran Society will launch the primary care manual for ear and hearing care. The event will take place on March 3rd and representatives of the local Pan American Health Organization office, Ministry of Health, Honduran Medical College, health commission of the National Congress of the republic, universities medical schools, speech therapy career, Teleton Foundation among others will be invited. Each of the representatives will be given a copy of the manual, as well as copies of promotional material to attendees in general. Before, during and after the event there will be coverage by television media, written press and social networks. On Thursday, March 9, we will hold the conference “Auditory Electrophysiology. General concepts about its clinical application” by dr. José J Barajas de Prat (Spain), addressed to speech therapy and audiology students and we will broadcast live on social networks.

Submitter: Ileana Zelaya Zaldaña