Organization: Departamento de Fonoaudiologia, Universidad de Chile

Project title: Is the music too loud? To hear for life, listen with care. // Música muy fuerte? Para escuchar de por vida, cuida tu audicion.

Regions: Chile

Outline of the event:

To raise awareness on hearing health promotion and how to prevent hearing problems related to recreational noise in youth and young adults we have planned 2 main activities:

1- Social media campaing: the campaing has been planned for instagram and twitter using WHO promotional materials, safe listening in concerts (own design) and tinnitus podcast in Spotify (Podcast uchile, Macarena Bowen). We’ll use WHO hashtags to have more social media impact with the campaing.

2- Hearing awarness talk: during march we will have talks with our school and university students, with the aim to raise awarness on hearing care and safe listening. Also, we’ll show them the HearingWHO app and other apps to measure noise in different contexts.

Submitter: Maca Bowen