Organization: AMTI

Project title: Tobacco Farmers

Regions: e-certificate Indonesia

Outline of the event:

Due to the webinar that was held yesterday, January 12, 2023, I have planning to hold an event regarding on this World Hearing Day 2023. Other than that, in my country was celebrated Health & Safety Occupational Day 2023 locally in Indonesia. In this event, we commemorate the zero accident in workplace, zero case in HIV-AIDS, etc..According my thesis when I was in my university, which was the title : “The correlations between perception towards supervisor’role in Health and Safety Occupational in the Workplace and Health and Safety Training in the workplace with Safety Motivation ” so I want to hold a Safety Training in.the workplace not only in the factory but in the largest scope of workplace, such as : Schools, Courses, Hospitals, etc. In this place, they will learn how to use Safety tools&equipments.
This event will be held soon.
Thank you

Andari Priantina

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Submitter: Andari Priantina