Organization: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Kalyani

Project title: Increase awareness in school students about the harmful effects of listening the loud noise by earphone and screening adolescents for ear problem

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

A team of audiologist, ENT doctor, family physician and Nursing officers will visit a public school. A health talk with appropriate audio visual aids will be delivered to senior students of class 8 to 10. The health talk will be focused on caring of ear and prevention of hearing loss due to bad practices. Adolescents are in the habit of listening to loud music and playing video games with wired, wireless or in-ear earphones. The talk will have separate sections on listening to loud music.
All the student after the health talk will be screened for any visible ear problem. Naked eye examination of the external ear for obvious anomalies will be done. Later otoscopic examination will be done with a validated Otoscope. Both ears will be examined separately. Adolescent having any ear problem will be referred to the nearby hospital for further management.

Submitter: Ritesh Singh