Organization: QC Kabahagi Center for Children with Disabilities

Project title: Surinig

Regions: Philippines

Outline of the event:

Face-to-Face Training of Community Screeners
Utilizing the WHO Primary Ear and Hearing Care Manual to be launched during World Hearing Day 2023 on 3 March 2023, the training seeks to provide participants with general information on ear and hearing health and screening protocol, specifically, the following topics:
1. Mechanisms of Hearing and Causes of Hearing Loss
2. The Outer and Middle Ear: Diagnose, Treat, Refer
3. Hearing Loss: Causes and Prevention
4. Identifying Hearing Loss in Children and Adults
5. Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss
6. Role of Community Health Workers in Ear and Hearing Care

Face-to-Face Ear Check and Hearing Screening
To provide an opportunity for individuals to undergo hearing evaluation, free audiologic evaluation for children will be offered on 1 – 2 March 2023. This is in partnership with the UST Hospital – Department of ENT – HNS and the UST Master of Clinical Audiology Program.

Submitter: Hubert Ramos