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Project Registration

Project Registration

Project registration for WHO reporting of World Hearing Day activities. Designed to retain data across years. Please scroll through the whole page prior to submitting.

This is the form to report a planned event.  This data helps the WHO and sister organizations to facilitate resources.

This will be available until March 2 - the day prior to world hearing day.  At that point we will open a second form for reporting the actual results of your event.  That report will require more data than this.

This is used for reporting and certificate - 150 characters maximum
This is used for reporting and certificate - 150 characters maximum
0 of 150 max words

It is essential that you choose one and only one site of operation.  This is fundamental to the WHO's reporting system.  For most that will be a country.  For some you may to prefer a region (though that cannot really be represented on the maps we produce). That site coiuld be global if that is appropriate.  

Note there is a field later where you can mention other countries and regions - but they will remain secondary. 

Primary Site
Please enter any other countries or regions represented in this registration.  Please do no duplicate the primary answer above.  For most this field will remain blank.

Thank you for taking part in World Hearing Day, the largest global awareness campaign on the ear and hearing care that calls for action to address hearing loss.

You can download the World Hearing Day promotional materials as well as review other events at  At this point they are few. We anticipate having these materials adapted in at least 25 languages.  

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A letter of acknowledgment of registration will be sent through email.  This will contain a PDF file with both your certificate and a copy of your answers.