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Organization: Dr.Budi Sulistya, Dr.Sigit S, Dr.Risman R Dr. Damayanti S Declaration Future Formation of Army EHC/PGPKT Committee

Region: Indonesia

Title: Declaration Toward the Formation of Army EHC/PGPKT Committee, 15 Jan.2023


1. Declaration: Formation of Army EHC Committee in the near future due to the severity risk of NIHL by Dr. Budi Sulistya, Dr. Sigit S, Dr.Risman R (ArmyHospital Gatot Subroto), Dr. Damayanti S (EHC/PGKT Committee)

2. Activities performed in several Army Hospitas, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, to increase alertness among the policy makers:
– Hearing Aid Donation (150 HA) for veteran
– Ear Screening charity
– Education: Noise in Military, BBT Pusdik Armed.
– Webinar of EHC (Ear & Hearing Care)
– Cochlear Implants(CI) Donation
– CI operation
– Army PHC Training on cerumen extraction in 3 Army Hospital (WHD 2023)
– Hearing Screening (WHD 2023)
3. Involved:
– Dr. Ratna Anggraeni
– Dr.Andi F
– Dr.Kote Noordiantha
– Staff ArmyHospital Gatot Subroto, BWT, Dustira
4. The Aim : Enhance awareness that the existence of Army EHC/PGPKT Committee is highly needed to reduce the high problems in Ear & Hearing

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: No

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: No

Declaration of Future Formation of Army EHC/PGPKT Special Co

HA donation for veterans who became deaf due to NIHL

Training Army PHC doctors & Charity in School

Webinar, Hearing Screening and HA Donation for Army Veterans