Organization: Udito Italia Onlus


Regions: Italy

Outline of the event:

Every year on the 3rd of March, Udito Italia organizes a major awareness event at the Ministry of Health. Institutional representatives, doctors, associations, companies and citizens are involved. The goal is to celebrate and amplify the WHO message and to elaborate proposals to be presented to the institutions to improve the existing laws on health care for the hearing impaired and to encourage society to be more attentive to prevention and the protection of hearing health, with conscious behavior, especially for the youngest. The event takes place over two days – 2 and 3 March – within the Ministry of Health. On the first day, roundtables are organized with top hearing experts; on the second day, the results are presented and Hearing Day is celebrated. The proposals, validated by a scientific committee, are brought together in an official document, the Quaderni dell’Udito, and presented to the Ministry of Health.

Submitter: Valentina Faricelli