Organization: SHOMEA

Project title: Breaking Barriers: Empowering Youth to Reduce Misconceptions and Stigmatizing Mindsets on Hearing Impairments.

Primary region: AFR

Country: Cameroon

Event Description:

The primary objective of this event will be to educate and empower young people to reduce misconceptions and stigmatizing mindsets surrounding hearing impairments. By fostering understanding, empathy, and inclusivity, we aim to create a more inclusive society for individuals with hearing impairments. We target the youths as they are the future of tomorrow, and can educate their parents and friends for a wider impact.
Venue: A secondary school in Yaoundé, Cameroon
Planned activities: Our event will have the following activities:
1) Word from two key note speakers (a renown person and someone thriving with hearing impairment)
2) An opened discussion with the youths to educate them and to create awareness.
3) Free screening of hearing followed by appropriate referral for rehabilitation.
4) Interactive activities with the creation of awareness posters designed by the students.
5) Refreshments.
6) Closing remarks with emphasis on inclusiveness both by people and in places.

Submitter: gaelle vOFO