Organization: Udito Italia Onlus

Project title: Maratona dell’Udito 2024

Primary region: EUR

Country: Italy

Event Description:

Every year on the occasion of World Hearing Day, Udito Italia brings together all the major experts at the Ministry of Health: politicians, doctors, associations, journalists, testimonials, companies, to discuss the level of promotion of hearing health and the actions to be taken in Italy . The event is in its ninth edition and takes place over two days, February 29th and March 1st. On the first day, experts participate in working groups on topics such as overcoming stigma, the importance of acoustic well-being in living environments and other topics relating to the promotion of hearing health. On the second day, the results are discussed at the presentation of representatives of the Ministry of Health. On this occasion, all participants and Ministry employees are offered a hearing screening

Submitter: Valentina Faricelli