Project title: PNG HEAR NOW

Primary region: WPR

Country: Papua New Guinea

Event Description:

A school will be chosen to run a free hearing tests to all the students and teachers. An awareness on hearing loss will be addressed and each day for a week a video (WHO promotional material will be played to the public).
The screening hearing testing will start a week prior to 3March (29Feb-1Mar-2024). This is so due to anticipation of lager number of Primary school children will be screened from Grades 1-6 so there’s an ample time to screen all the Primary School children.
Those children whom observed to have some degree of hearing loss will be thoroughly checked by an Audiologist for possible treatment and/or prescription of hearing devices, follow up, evaluation and aural rehabilitation where necessary. If the time doesn’t permit only Grades 1 & 6 students will be screened. These children will be given letters to take to their parents and/or guardians. Appreciate your kind help.

Submitter: Doreen Geno Baine