Organization: Department of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences, King Khalid University

Project title: Promoting Hearing Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

Primary region: EMR

Country: Saudi Arabia

Event Description:

Ear and Hearing Care is an awareness event focusing on increasing awareness about hearing disorders and hearing conservation among the general public in the Asir region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The event is being organized on various topics such as hearing loss and its effects; vestibular disorders; noise-induced hearing loss; tinnitus; hearing aids and cochlear implants; and the role of audiologists to the general public through presentations, brochures, pamphlets, and educational materials by the Audiologists and students of the Audiology program at King Khalid University. In addition, a hearing screening program is also being arranged to screen the public for any potential hearing disorders. A similar event will also be conducted for the university students at King Khalid University.

Submitter: Sunil Kumar Ravi