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Organization: Tshwane District Hospital

Region: South Africa

Title: Hearing Screening of staff and patients


Tshwane district Hospital’s Speech and Audiology department has marked the World Hearing Day with an event promoting hearing care, prevention of hearing loss, and free hearing screenings for both staff and patients at the hospital.

At the event, the Speech and Audiology department set up a booth to provide information on hearing health, including the causes of hearing loss, the signs and symptoms, and the available treatment options. The department also conducted free hearing screenings for participants, helping them identify any hearing problems they might have.

The event was attended by hospital staff and patients, who lauded the initiative as a crucial step towards addressing the growing concern of hearing loss in the community. The department urged everyone to take care of their hearing by avoiding exposure to loud noises, using ear protection when necessary, and seeking timely medical attention when experiencing any hearing problems.

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: No

The team for world hearing day at Tshwane District Hospital

One comm serve audiologist performing tympanometry

UP students partook in this screening day