Congratulations again to the recipients of the 2024 WHD Small Grants shown below. Thanks also to our co-sponsors of these grants: World Health Organization, Starkey Foundation, House Institute Foundation, European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association, and Advanced Bionics. 

WHD Activity TitleCountry
Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear hearing care a reality for all  Ghana
A Church Service in Samoa to Change Mindsets about DeafnessSamoa
World Hearing Day 2024- “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!”: Make the invisible disability noticeable.India
Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing care for All, let’s make it a realityRwanda
Ear and Hearing care for all, lets make it realityMalawi
World Hearing Day Celebration : Changing Mindset towards Deaf SoulIndia
“Empowering Ears: Celebrating World Hearing Day with WVTASO”Afghanistan
Nurturing Dignity Project (NDP)Rwanda
Sounds of Inclusion: Transforming Perspectives on Ear and Hearing Care in BamendankweCameroon
360’s Ear and Hearing Caravan.Zambia
“Hear the Harmony: Celebrating World Hearing Day in India”   India
Hearing health and diversity in Mexico 2024 ForumMexico
Cambodian Hearing Day, Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!Cambodia
Enhancing ear and hearing care for all to make it a realityUganda
Changing mindsets about hearingAustralia
Harmony of Senses: Bridging Ear and Eye CarePhilippines
A Symphony of Sound: Empowering Communities for Lifelong HearingThailand
Spotlighting Excellence: A Deaf Talent Showcase for Arts PolicymakerNigeria
Project for Awareness and Screening of Hearing Loss for the Population of the Municipality of Abomey-Calavi in BeninBénin
World Hearing day 2024-Your mission our GoalIndia
Scrabble for a Cause: Make Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for all!Cameroon
“Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing Care for All, let’s make it a reality!Egypt
“Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing Care for All, let’s make it a reality!”Nepal
Hearing care campaign at the Niger Delta CreeksNigeria
Hear for All – Nigeria: A Dialogue on Inclusive Ear and Hearing CareNigeria
Sound Minds: World Hearing Day Awareness CampaignNigeria
Breaking the Silence, Bridging the Gap: Hearing Loss Advocacy through community Dialogues.Uganda
Zero Stigma for the Deaf in Healthcare DeliveryNigeria
Seminar on ” Ear & Hearing care for all, Lets make it realityIndia
SAUTI: Sharing Awareness, Uniting Through Technology & Inclusion in Kano, NigeriaNigeria
Sonic Cradle: Fostering Awareness for Infant Hearing HealthNepal
World Hearing Day 2024- Changing mindsets on ear and hearing careKenya
Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing Care for All, let’s make it a reality!”Uganda
Raising awareness on Ear and Hearing care including free hearing assesmentTanzania
Hearing Forward: Investing in Hearing HealthLebanon
Enlightening EchoesZimbabwe
World Hearing Day Barbados 2024Barbados
Écoutez notre Appel : Campagne Numérique pour des Soins Auditifs AccessiblesBénin
World Hearing Day Community OutreachUganda

On behalf of the CGHH Board, thank you for all that you do and Happy World Hearing Day!

James E. Saunders, MD & Jackie Clark, PhD
Co-Chairs,  Coalition for Global Hearing Health