Report of World Hearing Day Event
The purpose of this form is to report your World Hearing Day 2022 event.  For many of you, much of this form will be partially filled from your preregistration.  It is important to us that you correct any of this preregistration data to reflect what actually happened.

Please enter the primary region of your event.

It is essential that you choose at least one site of operation as that is fundamental to the WHO's reporting system.

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Event Purpose

What was the purpose of your event? Note all fields with square checkbox are all that apply
Primary Audience(s)
What was the estimated reach of your event / activity?

Approximately how many people participated directly in your activity?

What audiences did you reach with in person events?
Did you reach any specific workplaces?

If hearing screening was the purpose of your event, how many people were tested? If possible, please indicate the number in each of indicated population age-groups.

Newborn and infants
Children and adolecents
Older adults

Policy makers, Government officials, Influencers

If you had the opportunity to meet with individual policymakers or government officials, please list their title(s) here.
Changemakers are individuals, families, and community-based not-for-profit organizations who may have overcome barriers through their own tenacity and advocacy efforts or may be working for the benefit of hard-of-hearing persons. Individuals who have real-life experiences that can inspire and influence others with the aim of improving conditions for persons with hearing loss.

If you feel comfortable mentioning their name, please enter it here.  If you prefer anonymous, you could specify that as well.

If you would like to share the story of your changemaker, please email the WHF Changemaker Group at

Media engagement

Was there traditional media engagement at your event ?
Was there as social media component to your event?

Project description

Please describe your event as it actually happened.

We hope you will look carefully at the text and make it as precise and understandable as possible.  Your text here may be used directly in a future public platform. 

English is preferred.  If possible, no ALL CAPS.   Of note, we are limiting this description to 600 characters.

WHO Engagement

Were WHO educational or publicity materials used?

We would like your feedback about the translations of WHO materials for World Hearing Day. Please answer the following questions.

Were the WHO educational and social media materials available in your language?
Did you translate the WHO materials in any other language?
Would you consider assisting translation for next year's material
Did you have a world hearing day event last year?

WHO/WHF Small grant program

The WHO cosponsor a yearly competitive small grant program, administered by the Coalition for Global Hearing Health CGHH,  in support of World Hearing Day. This year  $800 was awarded to 51 events/organizations.

Did your organization apply to the 2022 small grants program?

Upload a maximum of three images (best first)

Kindly include only high-quality mages. Kindly upload the images with your organization's
name. Share any interesting stories that can be used to demonstrate the impact of the World hearing day on policies or people's lives.

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Note: the organization or individual submitting WHD report of activities owns the pictures shared, therefore there is no need to have all the individuals in the pictures/video consent forms.

If you would like to share more high-resolution pictures, please email a link to In the subject of the email please write the name of the organization to which photos should be credited.

There is no signature field in this online application.  The submission of these photos indicates acceptance of the above terms.

Please send us up to three photos.  Use your most representative photo for #1.  It is the one we are most likely to use in reporting.  Files should have the following types:

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Maximum file size: 25MB

Maximum file size: 25MB

Thank you for taking part in World Hearing Day 2022 the largest global awareness campaign on ear and hearing care that calls for action to address hearing loss.

Please expect to receive the World Hearing Day 2022 certificate of participation in the next couple of weeks

We look forward to seeing you again next year.