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Organization: Aurica Foundation

Region: Website, Publication, International society member effortIndonesia

Title: Bright Future


These events was started with Hearing Screening Program for Children (March 4th).Cooperate with The Indonesian Society of Otorhinolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon (INDOS ORL HNS)&MedEl-Indonesia.On March 6th-31st there are Live Talk-Instagram who cooperate with 23 people from various professional such as Doctor,Psychologist,Audiologist,Therapist,Hearing Technology Users,School Founder (educator),Regional Technical Implementation Unit for Children with Special Needs-Sidoarjo,etc.The topics are Diagnostic(1st week),Habilitation (2nd week),Evaluation/Monitoring (3rd week),Future (4th week)

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: Yes

Live Talk @Instagram with 23 speaker from various profession

Hearing Screening to 71 children

Was talked about early detection & early intervention

Going to talk about medical problem after cochlear implants