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Organization: Hospital das Forças Armadas – Pólo do Porto

Region: Portugal

Title: Rastreio Auditivo – Dia Mundial da Audição


We made a video highlighting the need for better ear and hearing care displayed from the 1st to the 3th of march. We’ve also distributed flyers with WHO’s key messages for the World HearingDay 2023. A social media post was made, advertising and inviting everyone interested. The participants on the hearing screening filled a brief medical history form, addressing hearing difficulties and it’s self-perception, followed by otoscopy and an audiogram, for which we used templates with the speech banana and everyday sounds, to help interpret the result in a different and more playful way.

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: No

Social Media: No

Authorities or policymakers: No

Influencers or celebrities: No

World Hearing Day 2023 video display on our waiting room.