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Organization: Centro de Investigación de Audición, Sentidos y Comunicación CESCO Carrera Fonoaudiología Universidad del Desarrollo

Region: Chile

Title: The importance of hearing: Hearing health promotion and prevention: meet OTO


As every year on March 3 we celebrate World Hearing Day. La Carrera de Fonoaudiología de la Universidad del Desarrollo (The Speech Pathology career of the Universidad del Desarrollo), through Centro de Investgación de la Audición, los Sentidos y la Comunicación (the research center of hearing, senses and communication) CESCO, was present on this day in order to promote the hearing health of the population.
We have a stand at the University where contests on the sense of hearing were held and flyers were handed out with tips on hearing care.
Also this year we were accompanied by Otto, our ear-shaped mascot who was in charge of making visible in the student community the importance of checking our hearing and preventing diseases to listen for life.

Live Event: No

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: No

Authorities or policymakers: No

Influencers or celebrities: No