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Organization: dr. Putu Wijaya K., Sp.THTBKL, Subsp.BE(K), PERHATI-KL SOLO and KOMDA PGPKT/EHC SOLO COMMITEE

Region: Indonesia

Title: AUDIO 2023 (Acoustic plus Education for PERHATI-KL Solo)


1. Project tittle: AUDIO 2023 (Acoustic plus Education for PERHATI-KL Solo)

2. Time of activity: Friday, March 3rd 2023, 13.00 – 15.00 WIB

3. Place of Activity: SMK 3 Surakarta Residents
Jl. Colonel Sutarto No. 81, Jebres, Kec. Jebres, Surakarta City, Central Java

4. Collaboration with: PERHATI-KL SOLO, KOMDA PGPKT/EHC Solo committee, Warga Senior High School

5. Activity Results:
– Mini Talkshow with guest speaker by Dr. dr. Hadi Sudrajad, sp. ENT-BKL, subsp. Oto.(K),
– Social Service and Ear Cleaning with total examination of 71 students
– Acoustic music
6. Engaged Members:
Dr. dr. Hadi Sudrajad, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L, Subsp. Oto.(K), M.Si. Med.
Dr. dr. Novi Primadewi, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L, Subsp. NO.(K), M.Kes
dr. Putu Wijaya K, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L, Subsp. BE.(K)
dr. Antonius Christanto, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L, M.Kes.
dr. Aziza Viquisa B.P., Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L
dr. Andri Firmansyah, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L
dr. Netty Widiandari, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L
dr. M. Dody Hermawan, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L
dr. Marisa Rizqiana D., Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: No