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 Organization: Huadong Hospital

 Region: China

Title: Take Care Of Your Hearing At Home


On this year’s World Hearing Day, our team at Huadong Hospital in Shanghai, China centered on the theme “Ear and hearing care for all! Let’s make it a reality,” emphasizing the importance of individual responsibility in maintaining hearing health. We organized three activities to educate the public and provide practical assistance. We offered free medical consultations for over 60 patients experiencing hearing loss and tinnitus. Additionally, our professional team hosted a hybrid lecture, discussing common hearing damage scenarios in daily life and appropriate responses to such damage.

 Live Event: Yes

 Hearing Screening: Yes

 Social Media: Yes

 Authorities or policymakers: Yes

 Influencers or celebrities: Yes


Free medical consultations for the elderly.


Early warning signs of hearing-related cognitive decline.


Demonstration of ear massage on the daily basis.

 Hybrid lecture on ear and hearing care.