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Organization: University medical and dental center, Faculty of Dental medicine, Medical University – Varna

Region: Bulgaria

Title: Prophylactic hearing examinations of children, adolescents, adults from North-Eastern and adjacent regions of Bulgaria


Our team at the University medical and dental center, Medical University – Varna aims to realize the regular prophylactic audio-vestibular check-ups idea and make it national, including patients’ examinations in hard-to-reach areas of our country. Individuals from those areas often have no opportunities and financial resources to travel to bigger cities, nor to pay for expensive examinations.
Free Prophylactic hearing examinations were done in the period 13.02-02.03.2023, including traveling to adjacent to Varna hard-to-reach regions. More than 200 patients were examined.

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: No

Authorities or policymakers: No

Influencers or celebrities: No

Official poster of the event at Medical University Varna

Hard-to-reach village, North-Eastern Bulgaria

Moments of the prophylactic check-ups

Audio-vestibular sector-University medical and dental center