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 Organization: dr.Anggoro Eka Raditya SpTHTBKL / Komda PGPKT DIY

 Region: Indonesia

Title: Ear Health Education on Radio Sonora Yogyakarta


For World Hearing Day, Radio Sonora in Yogyakarta broadcast educational content focused on ear health on March 9, 2023. The initiative was aimed at raising awareness and promoting ear care practices to its listeners. The program offered valuable information on various aspects of ear health, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common ear-related conditions. By leveraging the widespread reach of radio, it ensured that this crucial health information was accessible to a broad audience, ultimately fostering a more informed and health-conscious public.

 Live Event: No

 Hearing Screening: Yes

 Social Media: No

 Authorities or policymakers: No

 Influencers or celebrities: No


Education with topic happy life with healthy ear on radio