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 Organization: Unit PKRS RSUD dr.Kanujoso Djatiwibowo Balikapapan

 Region: Indonesia

Title: Health Education and Ear Examinations


In commemoration of World Hearing Health Day, our team collaborated with the health promotion unit of the RSUD Dr. Kanujoso Djatiwibowo hospital and the Regional Committee for the Prevention of Hearing and Ear Health Disorders (Komda PGPKT) in Teritip Balikpapan for an activity that focused on the importance of ear and hearing health. Ear and hearing health is often taken lightly, but if neglected continuously, it can have a negative and sometimes severe impact on personal health.

 Live Event: Yes

 Hearing Screening: No

 Social Media: Yes

 Authorities or policymakers: Yes

 Influencers or celebrities: No


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