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 Organization: Aceh EHC/PGPKT Commitee, dr. Lily Setiani, Sp.T.H.T.B.K.L, Subsp.L.F (K)

 Region: Indonesia

Title: Recognition of World Hearing Day Through Billboards and Banners


The World Hearing Day 2023 campaign organized by the Aceh EHC/PGPKT Committee waspromoted via billboards and banners displayed in the city of Banda Aceh. Between February 28 and March 19, 2023, three billboards were displayed with helpful campaign slogans. From March 1 through March 5, 2023, banners were strategically placed in eight locations. Among these, one notable location was the Car Free Day event at PERHATI-BKL Aceh, which attracted many visitors. Another banner remains in front of the ENT Polyclinic RSUDZA. These efforts aimed to raise awareness about World Hearing Day and underscore the importance of maintaining ear health.

 Live Event: No

 Hearing Screening: Yes

 Social Media: No

 Authorities or policymakers: No

 Influencers or celebrities: No


Socialization of WHD through Billboard at Simpang Lima


WHD Banners and WHD activity plan Banner


WHD Socialization at hospital and medicine faculty

 socialization of WHD in Car Free Day and Social Services