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Organization: Wuhan Chiltoon Educational Technology Ltd.

Region: China

Title: Auditory Screening Application to Local Government; Public Benefit Activities for Auditory Health & Cognition.


Firstly, we submitted application to local government formally early this month, and then we were invited to attend an official meeting on 17th, March, which obtained supports from local government and relative institutes to promote auditory screening before International Children’s Day 2023.
Secondly, we held a series of Auditory Health&Cognition lectures online, especially posted short videos on we-Media such as TikTok、WeChat、Jinri Toutiao and others, which reaches over 100,000 amount of readers.

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: Yes

Official meeting with local government officers

auditory screening in local primary school

Public benefit short videos on Jinri Toutiao platform

Post short videos on TikTok