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Organization: MSc in APD Medical School Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Region: Greece

Title: Protecting you hearing will have a plus on your cognition & mental health


The Master program in Auditory Processing Disorder run by Professor ILIADOU organised a workshop with the title:Protecting you hearing will have a plus on your cognition & mental health. Dr Dalia Tsimpida (Psychologist in UK) gave a lecture on preventable hearing loss in children and adults stating the link between good hearing and good cognition and mental health. Dr Christos Sidiras (Denmark) gave a short presentation of the greater project that included the user-operated audiometric Matlab app that he developed. The project took place at Health Informatics and Technology The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute (Denmark). The vast majority of the time was spend by actual demonstration of the two options of audiometric testing using a Matlab application and attendees were able to have a go and test their hearing. Earplugs were distributed to all attendees at the end of the workshop.

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: No

Authorities or policymakers: No

Influencers or celebrities: No

Live hearing screening

Using two laptops for hearing testing through the new app

Following the event with master students

A general view of the amphitheater in action