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 Organization: Corporacion Hipoacusia de Chile

 Region: Chile

Title: Instance of awareness and promotion of hearing health among health care providers (health workers, doctors).


On International Hearing Day, initiatives were held at Cesfam Barón and Cesfam Placeres, emphasizing the integration of ear and hearing care into primary healthcare. They addressed the specific needs and healthcare accessibility of individuals with hearing loss. Resources provided included a basic WHO ear care manual, guidelines for hearing development for children aged 0-5, and questionnaires for tinnitus and hearing impairments. They also distributed a manual suggesting inclusive treatment methods for people with hearing impairments, targeted at health workers. This manual encourages the use of inclusive language and provides general information on courses like 3D Printing and Sign Language. It also offers reports on hearing aids and guidance on accessing financial protection under Law No. 21850 for high-cost diagnoses and treatments, such as Cochlear Implants.

 Live Event: No

 Hearing Screening: Yes

 Social Media: Yes

 Authorities or policymakers: Yes

 Influencers or celebrities: No


President and Facilitator of Corporacion Hipoacusia de Chile


Intervention at Primary health centers


Facilitator exposing about hearing care