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Organization: Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

Region: Canada

Title: Hearing Care for All Webinar


Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility, with its partners the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, BC Chapter and Vancouver Branch, held a webinar to raise awareness about ear and hearing care. During the on-line webinar panelists discussed awareness of ear and hearing care, gaps in service and referrals, and issues related to an under-estimation of the negative consequences of hearing loss to one’s health and well-being. New information regarding a survey of doctors and nurses who are the first point of contact with hard of hearing persons was shared along with information about a newly created national hearing health initiative. Panelists were Gael Hannan, Consumer Advocate and Vice-President, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, BC Chapter; Hugh McCormack, Director, Clinical Operations & Social Enterprise, Wavefront Centre; Dr. Brenda Poon, Senior Research Fellow, Wavefront Centre, and Christopher Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Wavefront Centre. Dr. Ruth Warick moderated the session.

Live Event: No

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: No

Authorities or policymakers: No

Influencers or celebrities: No

Wavefront Centre World Hearing Day presenters

Wavefront Centre World Hearing Day poster

Wavefront Centre World Hearing Day Webinar Presenters