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 Organization: BoHeMSA – local committee Zenica

 Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Title: Can you hear me now?


The project “Can you hear me now?” incorporated three different activities. Initially, on March 3rd, digital information was shared in honor of World Hearing Day 2023. Following this, on March 9th, a webinar was held to discuss hearing care. The final event was a sign language course held on March 22nd that aimed to promote inclusion and enhance work with individuals with hearing loss. This course was a unique experience as it was attended by a sign language translator and her student, who provided insights into the experience of communicating with patients exclusively using sign language.

 Live Event: No

 Hearing Screening: Yes

 Social Media: No

 Authorities or policymakers: No

 Influencers or celebrities: Yes


A sign instructor and her student teaching participants


Practicing sign alphabet


Practicing basics for sing conversation