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Organization: Sound week canada

Region: Canada

Title: Sound week canada


The French association ” Sound Week Canada” aims to make each human being aware that sound is a fundamental element of personal balance in his relationship with others and the world, in its environmental, societal, medical, economic, industrial and cultural dimensions. The main sectors concerned: The sound environment, health, advanced technologies in recording and broadcasting, sound creation and its multiple fields of educational applications.
This year, the events that took place from March 20 to 25 are: communications on the pedagogy of sound in relation to environmental education, conference “Everyone’s upstairs neighbours: current studies on the perceived annoyance due to impact sounds”, round table: Voices and soundscapes, round table on the concept of sound walk, round table on music therapy and on the preservation of the auditory health of the professionals of the sector of amplified music

Live Event: No

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: Yes

Authorities or policymakers: Yes

Influencers or celebrities: No

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