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Small Grant 2024 Application Information

Small Grant 2024 Application Information

As part of activities promoting World Hearing Day, the World Hearing Forum (WHF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Coalition for Global Hearing Health (CGHH) invite proposals for WHF-CGHH Small Grants for World Hearing Day 2024. World Hearing Day 2024 will be observed on March 3, 2024 with the theme “Changing Mindsets: Ear & Hearing care […]

WHD 2022 Report of Activity Released

The World Hearing Day 2022 Report of Activity has been released.  This document, released as a PDF, has over 160 pages of text and photos describing the events of March 2022.  You can download it here.  In some browsers this will open the file directly into your machine’s PDF viewer.  In some browsers a right […]

2022 Small Grant Awardees

Organization (WHO), and the Coalition for Global Hearing Health (CGHH) have provided competitively awarded SMALL GRANTs to the following 51 organizations from around the world. Name of Applicant Organization Country Josie Bernhardt Saelua Medical Corporation American Samoa Gayane Sargsyan Association of Armenian Otorhinolaryngologists Armenia Barbra Timmer University of Queensland Australia Herve Lawin Rotary Club of […]

2021 Small Grant Awardees

Each year the WHO joins with the Coalition for Global Hearing Health, CBM and other donors to provide Small Grants to support World Hearing Day activities. Congratulations to the 2021 Small Grants Awardees and the countries where these activities were held is shown below. All Ears Cambodia, Cambodia Institute of Global Health Innovation, United Kingdom Mahatma Gandhi […]